About US

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A Little About Us

We're the Days. We met in 2014. He took photos, I designed photo sets. We hit it off. We started collaborating almost immediately after we started dating. Working together in creative and professional settings early on really set the tone for our relationship as a whole. 

Austin started his photography business in 2010. He's the sort of person that some how keeps a million plates spinning and is still the kindest soul you've ever met at all times. I work as a freelance editor, producer and photo stylist. We both work from home which is awesome 100% of the time, especially since we just had our first baby in November of 2018.

Because we both work from home, we get that some nights one or both of us may need to work until 9pm. We also get that one of us might need to go on a long walk in the middle of the day (Austin), or rearrange the bedroom quick (Lauren) before getting back to work. It also means that our space not only needs to be functional to live in during off hours, but double as our offices with some pretty unique needs.

We just bought a fixer upper on the best street in our city and can't wait to renovate it day by day--as long as working from home actually still happens. It's our first house and we're excited to use our love of working together and making things beautiful on a project that is so personal and completely ours. Thanks for following along!

- lauren