Welcome Home

This still feels so crazy but so exciting -- we bought a house. We close next week and we'll get start transforming it right away. There's a lot to do but there is so much potential. I can't wait to get in there and take before photos to go along with all of the plans we've been creating over the last month and show you how great it really is.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.13.25 AM.png

We weren't looking for a home. We were going to wait at least until next spring. It feels like what it must be to hear a knock on your door and when you answer, there's a stranger holding balloons and a giant check for no reason. It feels like that. Like this house could not be a better fit. And that it is a gift that we don't deserve but will giddily accept because you don't turn down a giant check or a dream house with a dream yard on your dream street. It feels perfect. And we feel so undeserving.

One of the ways our perfect house is perfect is by needing a bunch of work done to it. Which maybe doesn't seem right if you don't know me. It would have been awesome if it didn't need electrical or plumbing updates but those are things we expected before even touring the house. The bones--the foundation--are crazy good. And the layout is what we would design if we were building a home from scratch. Best of all, there are some really ugly rooms. Ugly rooms that are about to be transformed into stunners. Austin and I could never picture moving into a newly flipped home or something builder grade. It seemed like a waste to pay for something nice that wasn't what we'd pick for ourselves. This way, we get to design our home and create equity at the same time. It's already been so fun to work together on the concepts for each room.

This blog is going to be a hub of inspiration, design concepts, quick update videos, full room progress tours, and anything else house related. Maybe some household stuff thrown in there. We can't wait to see how this adventure unfolds and we hope you'll follow along!

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