Hopeful Home


Can I be real here? Things are exhausting right now. We're under contract with a house. A house that has the perfect size yard and so much potential inside. We've felt so encouraged in this process in a lot of ways but in other ways, it's been deflating. Austin and I are both self-employed. I've been for 2 years, Austin has been for 7 years. We've heard that it's hard to get a mortgage being self-employed but it's been a rollercoaster convincing loan officers and underwriters that we can more than afford this fixer upper. We believe that it will all work out but the process is just draining so far (and we're only a week in).

What isn't draining? Dreaming up what this home will look like when it's done! That's the part that has been life-giving in a week full of bummers. It's a 3 bed, 2 bath home that has the potential to be a 4 bedroom, 3 bath someday. There's a living room and a family room and then two eating areas. The smaller dining room butts up to the kitchen where we could some day extend the kitchen the full width of the house. For now, the kitchen could just use a new floor and countertops. There's a room too small to be a bedroom on the main floor that we're planning to turn into a full bath since the two bathrooms are both upstairs. The family room is huge and gets light on 3 sides which we'll use for our in-house photo studio. Can you tell I'm excited to get working? It's a 1900 home with straighter walls than 70s homes we've toured. The original wood doors and floors are heaven.

We're trying to remain hopeful and prayerful. There's a chance this won't be our home but it would be so amazing if it is. I guess my advice is that you should buy a house before you quit your full-time job. But to end on a high note, here is our inspiration for this hopefully-ours house.

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