Staying Sane While Living in a Reno

We've woken up in our new house every day for a month and a half and it's still hard to believe that this place is ours. SO much work has been started since mid-January. Each room has been turned upside down (for better or worse) and some rooms are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's pretty gratifying.

Whenever friends ask us how it's going or how it has felt living in the chaos of a renovation, we're always happy to reply that it truly hasn't been that bad. There are definitely frustrating parts to living in a construction zone: 1. not having a shower that works, 2. setting rooms up only to clear them out again, 3. not having reliable laundry due to a few miscommunications with our plumber, 4. always having to wear shoes in the house because there is no keeping up with plaster dust and dirt that tearing out walls each day brings. The dedication of our amazing families has absolutely made this process easier on us. And at the end of the day, what keeps us sane is having our living room and dining room renovation-free.


Our living room is our sanctuary when we want to forget that the offices and bathrooms are in the scary stages of repair. As I'm sure I mentioned in past posts, our living room and dining room areas were painted orange with yellow trim. Painting them white and moving over furniture from our old apartment helped right away. When we put an offer in on this house in October, I started to play with design and furniture layout of each room. In the living room, I knew it would work best to have all of the main furniture pieces floating due to the layout of the windows and the opening to the dining room. The items that worked in our apartment would mostly work in our new living room but we did need to get a set of matching chairs that were large enough to really anchor the room. I found these amazing cedar green velvet chairs from Article and knew they were what we needed to complete the room.


The chairs were delivered 2 weeks after we moved in. We didn't place the order until we had the keys because of how off-schedule the whole closing process had gone. The room felt instantly more refined, finished and comfortable when they came. The chairs are sleek but oversized, allowing me to sit cross-legged and really sink in. We really love mid-century pieces but wanted the living room and dining room to be a bit more transitional than we have in the past. The design feels cohesive and new--even with having the majority of items come with us from our last place.

The reason we're not going bonkers without a fully working bathrooms and exposed framing is this beautiful space. It has a ways to go before it will be actually done: We'll install some custom shelves in the corner across from the floor lamp, we'll have an artist friend create a large abstract painting to go on the wall next to the sofa and we'll add smaller decor elements for a more layered, less floaty feel. Can you tell I love this room? Austin and I keep sane from our big comfy chairs. If you're planning a renovation, I highly recommend decorating the rooms that won't need much TLC so that they can be enjoyed while everything else is overwhelming.