Interior Photography 101

One area that I had willfully decided I wouldn't ever be good at was photography. My mom went to UCLA for photography, some of best friends in high school, college and today are photographers. I worked in publishing with professional photographers. My husband is a professional photographer. I haven't wanted to fail at it so I figured I just shouldn't try.

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The Living Room Design

Things look so different here. I can't believe we've only been working on this place for a week and a half. It's so encouraging how quickly things are taking shape but not having internet yet means I haven't been great at sharing it.

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It Happened!

We've been homeowners since Tuesday evening! As soon as we got the giant stack of paperwork signed, we went over to our house and started dancing around (me more so than Austin) in excitement.

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Hopeful Home

Can I be real here? Things are exhausting right now. We're under contract with a house. A house that has the perfect size yard and so much potential inside.

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