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I’d be so happy if I never saw another clickbait list of “Things Millennials are Killing.” In fact, why don’t we see more things about all of the good things that Millennials are championing and reviving? Like the earth. Like renaissance era ingenuity. Like dads being more involved at home. Like more women investing. There are buttheads in every generation, can we agree on that? But every generation is also playing the hand they’re dealt. And I’m actually pretty proud of my peers. I graduated from college in the wake of the recession. I know more freelancers than I know people who work in corporate jobs. I’ve juggled up to 5 jobs at the same time to make this hustle work and I’m


DIY Consultation + Feedback

Tell me about your project, your style + what you’re hoping to do. Get an idea of how much a renovation might cost, where to save money and where to hire out. Receive a two estimates using high-and-low-end finishes & materials to show how far your DIY + design budget can go with a little resourcefulness.

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Style Direction + Design Guidelines

Don’t know where to start? Or even what you like? I’ll get to know your personal style + identify the design elements you’re drawn to. From there, I’ll create 2 concepts, each with a set of specific design guidelines and example floor plans. You’ll have a solid reference to look back to as you work on your projects.

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Virtual Walk-Through + A PROJECT To-Do List

We’ll spend 30 minutes on a virtual tour of the current space to discuss what does & doesn’t work in the room. After the video call, I’ll use your inspiration images + our conversation to create a design to-do list for you to tackle. It’ll take you from start to finish with actionable steps to complete your renovation or makeover.

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